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Regency Hospitals Ltd.
Sarvodya Nagar, Kanpur (U.P)
Dr. Atul Kappor (Managing Director)
Aditya Medical Research Centre, Shanthi Poly Clinic
No. 2, Nanjappa Road, Shanthi Nagar, Bangalore
Dr. Narendra Rege (Managing Director)
Dr. Shekhar Duddamani
Dr. Dillip Dhanpal
Insight Diagnostic and Oncology Research Institue Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur
Dr. S. M. Karnawat (Managing Director)
Dr. Ghanshaym Hedda
Loknayak Medical Foundation Pune.
Dr. V. C. Vaidya
Gujarat Imaging Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Baroda, Gujarat.
Dr. N. A. Dave
Vailunth Medical Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Lady Rattan Tata Research and Medical Centre Mumbai.
Dr. O. P. Saraf (Managing Director)
EKO X-Ray Centre
Nehru Marg, Calcutta
Dr. S. K. Sharma
Calcutta Medical Centre
Dr.Ashok Gupta
Paramount Charity Centre
Alkapuri, Vadodara
Jaipur Golden Charitable Clinical Laboratory Trust New Delhi
Dr. Bhatia now shifted to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute. Delhi
Nightingale Diagnostic & Eye Care Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Dey. And Mr. Ghosal (Managing Director)
Triveni Scan & Research Centre
Allahabad (U.P)
Dr. G. L. Gupta
Avad Diagnostic Research Centre Pvt Ltd.
Lucknow (U.P)
Jagdish Narain Lal Memorial Institute
C.A.M. Medical Centre
District Kaira
Dr. Gulati
N. M. Medical Centre
Mr. Shilesh Shah
Panna Lal Nursing Home
Ram Ghat Road, Aligarh.
Dr. G. P. Lal
Khera Hospitaliers Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi.
Dr. Khera
Dr. G.P. Lal Dr. Khera
M. N. Hospotal and Research Centre
Dhanvantry Diagnostic Research Centre
Meerut (U.P)
Suraj Medical and Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
Kanpur (U.P)
Dr. S. K. Luthra
Dasappa Dharmaspatre
Dr. R. Chandarappa
Diagnostic and Research Institude
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
Dr. Ajay Patel
The Goa Charitable Society
Vasco-de-Gama, Goa
Dr. S. N. Desai
Poona Medical Foundation
Dr. K. B. Grant
Ruby Hall
Advance Medicare and Research Institute
Diagnostic Medical Centre
Dr. Vijay Aggarwal
Holy Family Hospital
New Delhi
Dr. Dewan Chand Aggarwal X-ray Clinic.
New Delhi
Dr. Sudharshan Aggarwal
Navkeevan CT Scan Centre
New Delhi
Hindustan Photo Films Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Bangalore Scan Diagnostic Research Centre Moradabad Charitable Trust and Health Research Centre.
Advance Scanning Research Institute Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Shirish Dhande
Indrapprastha Diagnotics Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi.
G.I.L. Hospital Ltd.
Baroda (Gujarat)
C.D.R. Health Care Centre
Dr. Dyakar Reddy
Dr. Chopra Stone Clinic
Jorbagh, New Delhi
Dr. A. Chopra
Chiristian Hospital
Ludhiana (Punjab)
Dr. Chaudhary
N.M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology
Dr. Modi/Mr. Narielwala
Noida Medicare Centre Ltd.
Noida (U.P)
Dr. Naveen Choudhary
M/s Baltic Control Pvt. Ltd.


Cargo Inspectors and Superintendence Co. Pvt. Ltd.


Besides the above clients, we were attached with various other clients through SIEMENS/PHILIPS/BLUE STAR/TOSHNIWL/WIPRO/HOSPITEX, FRANCE/ GE-ALL MULTINATIONAL ORGANISATIONS OR THEIR AGENTS IN INDIA DEALING IN MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and HOSPITAL CONSULTANTS. While dealing with these organizations we confirm having healthy equation either with the Managing Director of the organization or the Head of the Medical Division.

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